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Tipping advice

Tips are customary in Italy, but not essential. The tradition of the tip remains impervious to change, even though cafe or restaurant prices now more and more often include both cover charge and service. On paying the bill, if it is paid in cash it is a matter of leaving a few notes from the change, or saying to the waiter "va bene così " ( it's all right ), when the difference between the amount paid and the actual bill automatically becomes the tip. When using a credit card, there are two possibilities: if the total on the credit card slip is the same as the bill, again leave some notes as a tip; but if the amount or the total are blank, simply round up the total to include the tip when signing the credit card slip.


A service charge of 15% to 18% is added to hotel bills. When all-inclusive prices are quoted, the service charge is already included. It is customary to leave an additional tip even when the service charge is already included. Only as a guideline, and depending on the category of your hotel, the following tips are suggested: chambermaid 0.75 € a day; concierge 1.00 € additional tip for extra services; bellhop or porter: 0.50 - 1.00 €; doorman (for calling a cab) 0.25 €; room service waiter 0.50 € minimum; more depending on amount of bill; valet service 0.50 € minimum; hotel bar: 15%


A service charge of approximately 15% is added to all restaurant bills.
It is customary, however to leave a small tip for good service as follows: waiter: 5% to 10% of check. You are now required by law to obtain an official receipt when eating at restaurants.

Cafes and Bars

15% if at a table and if a bill does not already include service charge.

Railroad stations and Airports

Porters at railroad stations and airports charge a fixed rate per suitcase; tip an additional 0.25 € per person, more if the porter has been very helpful.


Taxi drivers 5%-10%, although Italians rarely tip them.

Sightseeing guide and driver

1.00 € minimum per person (for half day tours) and 1.50 € lire minimum per person (for full day tours) or 15% of cost of the tour.

Theatre ushers
0.50 € (more if very expensive theatre or opera seats )

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